As a retailer, you are always seeking ways in which you can engage with your potential as well as existing customers with the objective of converting them into loyal and regular buyers. However, for many retailers there is a huge disconnect between the experiences that the shoppers have off-premise and the one that they feel when they walk into stores.
Our Digital signage solution helps retailers deliver a premium shopping experience that connects online and on-mobile marketing to the physical in-store experience delighting both old and new customers.


Whether you are a private institution, school, government college or a technical institute, you know how important it is to engage your students, faculty, staff and visitors on a daily basis. Showing timely, relevant visual messages is the key to promote a safe, inclusive campus and to build a strong community.

OLive is a digital signage platform that empowers you with a central application tool that manages content across your entire campus.

You can publish news, make announcements, promote events, advertise your bookstore, display social media feeds, and update your athletic standing/scores – all from one application.


Maximize the guest experience

Engagement is the path to a great guest experience. Digital signage provides you a modern, dynamic and an imminently flexible way to show guests that you’re focused on their needs. It makes their travel easier and the time they are with you, more pleasant resulting in both customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

With our software you can:

  • Deliver automated feeds like event schedules and weather
  • Personalize visitor welcomes and daily announcements
  • Advertise restaurants, spa services and loyalty programs


Whether it’s a hospital, clinic, dentists’ or a doctors’ office, we can help you improve your patient as well as visitor experience and also empower your staff. You can make sure your guests don’t get lost while visiting their loved ones and the hospital staff doesn’t miss important communication.

Our digital signage software lets you publish content that educates and informs your viewers across multiple healthcare facilities. We know you have different audiences to reach for various purposes – visiting hours in your lobby, upcoming tasks for outpatients, policy reminders for the staff, etc. With our software, you can show the content you want, to the group you choose, at the time and place of your convenience.


Employee engagement is a recurring issue in today’s digital workspace. Employee engagement directly impacts productivity and turnover, hence businesses need to strategize ways to engage employees at every level and age group.

Digital signage helps you accomplish this. Digital displays allow you to easily recognize individual and team achievements, put up company updates, advertise events and alert staff of the need-to-know items. This keeps your workforce engaged and informed to increase productivity and help you retain talent.

Food & Bevarage

As a restaurateur, you’re always looking for ways to engage your customers. Your need to increase loyalty and inspire repeat visits is difficult to achieve with the incredible rise of technology in the consumers hands. But, there is a way to leverage the right technology to create right engagement.

Using Digital signage has an immediate and lasting impact with consumers as it creates a digital experience within the restaurant. We can not only deploy Digital Menu Boards (DMB) on a variety of screen sizes but can also change the type of interaction needed to engage with the hungry patrons.


Keeping your customers up to speed with the latest information that’s relevant to them is extremely crucial. It makes their journey and travel experience a good one – ideally ensuring that they return for more.

Travelling is a matter of getting people places as quickly and efficiently as possible but the entire experience has to include so much more. Digital signage is emerging as a way of enhancing this travel experience from a customer point of view, while also making the process easier for the transport employees. It is even possible to shrink down the perceived waiting time with the use of digital signage as it becomes a form of entertainment.


The Government and the People form the heart of the Community. In municipal, state and central branches, the goal is to keep the public informed and to motivate the employees for higher morale and productivity. That’s easier said than done.

Our digital signage solution can help improve both your front-facing communications and back-office efficiencies. With digital signage, your government office can:
• Keep the public informed about current initiatives
• Show event schedules and advertise community events
• Share emergency alerts for extreme weather or Homeland Security updates